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Abby 10 year old Golden Osteosarcoma

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Abby 10 year old Golden Osteosarcoma

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January 6th, 2018 · 9 Comments · Uncategorized

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  • dawn3g

    Hi, hope you and your baby are doing well. Your golden has a beautiful, kind face! I have an 11 tear old greyhound who had a front leg amputation due to osteosarcoma about 3 months ago. Things get better and easier much more quickly than you expect. Sending you both hugs <3
    Dawn and Fallon
    (and Paul and Maggie)

    • ambular29

      Thank you for the well wishes. I didnt know that Osteosarcoma occured in greyhounds. Im glad your baby is doing well. Any tips for helping her (and me i guess) adjust to missing a front leg? I feel like a front leg in a big dog is harder to adjust to versus a back leg. How long did it take for him to build up more strength in the existing front leg? She was a lazy couch potato pre-op so it takes a lot out of her to hobble around

      • dawn3g

        Consider getting her a rehab consult. You can get reimbursed by Tripawds for the consult, and it will give you lots of direction as to how to make things easier and better for your fur kid. You can get tons of benefit just from that one appointment just learning stretches and massages and ideas how to make things better.
        We decided to continue Fallon in rehab because she seems to enjoy it (the underwater treadmill) Check out this: We would NOT have gotten a rehab consult without this program because everything else we do for Fallon is so expensive–We’re so glad we did, it’s a great program and will help your baby so much. And with this reimbursement, it is free!!

        Fallon gradually got better, we started walking very short distances (like to the corner of the house outside) and built on that. She’s now walking about 10–15 minutes out and back for our walks (less now because it’s freezing here)

        Our vet told us the front leg was a more difficult adjustment, but our kidz are so resilient–your girl will figure it our. Give her time and patience, consider the rehab consult (no, please go–it will be an awesome help for you and your girl!!)

        Osteosarcoma is really, really prevalent in greyhounds, unfortunately, like the other long boned dogs. Fallon is our second with this, unfortunately the first we did not know until she was 13 years old and broke a leg. So we’re doing all we can to keep Fallon happy, healthy, and fit, she is just rockin’ this. I never would have guessed she’d do so well because greyhounds are known as the 45 mph couch potatoes, and Fallon fit this perfectly. But she is awesome, and teaches me so much. Things are so new for you–give her time and patience. I swear to you, it gets better (another thing I would not have believed).

        HANG IN THERE!!

  • Monica Mann

    I have a six year old golden who had osteosarcoma. Her right right front leg was amputated at the end of March. We did all of the recommended chemo and she is now cancer free and doing very well. Prayers to you guys.

    • ambular29

      Im glad your baby is doing well. I do not think i am going to do any chemo or radiation. She already had radiation last year for her nasal osteosarcoma. I amputated the leg because it was broken not to remove the cancer. The vet said maybe a few months if i chose not to do chemo or radiation. But abby doesnt follow timelines so i will just enjoy everyday i have. She is my second golden with cancer. I lost my other golden at 10 years old to a hemiangiosarcoma (tumor on her heart) that burst suddenly. I love goldens but i hate that 2 out of 3 usually die from cancer ☹️

  • admin

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  • kazann

    He’s looking good. A little bruised but that’s to be expected. I hope the healing goes well.

    Big hugs to your sweet looking dogs.

    Kerren and Tripawd Kitty Mona

    • ambular29

      Thank you for the well wishes. The vet said a lot of the bruising was old and probably from when she fractured it. I put a tshirt on her and that helps me not be so focused on what is looks like. Plus it is draining a little bit. Its odd that i am a nurse and have seen incisions all day everyday and it never bothers me but i look at hers and it makes my heart hurt. I guess it’s different when its my baby. We made it thru the first night so i am hoping each day will get easier and easier

  • Super Stu!

    Abby is such a gentle looking soul! She really is a True Warrior to have been through what she has and you too Mum! You’re both doing an amazing job!
    All the very best from Petra, Stewie and his Pride Of kittens.

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